HR SOFTWARE ( Personnel Management Program )

Fusion Solution Provide installation consulting services Personnel Management Program(HR Software)
According to Microsoft Partner and CMMi3 standards, it has been provided to both government and private entities for over 16 years. The company has a development team that provides services of more than 100 people.

Developed from over 20 years of HR executives’ experience, Fusion’s HR Software (Optimistic) ensures system reliability and global standards are ensured.

Human resource management program (HR SOFTWARE) consists of

  • Salary system
  • Time Sheet on mobile system
  • Person database system
  • Human development system
  • Staffing system
  • New employee management system
  • E-Leaning system allows employees to learn by themselves
  • Employment contract document management system
  • Mobile for employees to contact for service
  • HR Service Portal Area for employees to submit service requests

Highlights of the human resource management program (HR SOFTWARE)

  • SAP’s Core System storage system provides maximum confidence with World system standards accepted by well-known companies
  • Providing services in the form of Cloud Base, reducing the burden of system administration
  • There are modules to choose from according to your needs.
  • It has a system structure that is ready to expand.
  • Able to pay according to the size of the business, such as a human resource management program will be calculated from the number of employees If the amount is small, you can pay as much as you want.
  • Can be linked to cloud services such as AI

HR SOFTWARE that meets the needs of today’s BUSINESS

  • Must be available from anywhere, anytime.
  • Able to connect with employees seamlessly
  • There is a data analysis system. To predict in advance, such as a system for grouping employee behavior data
  • Easy to use, not a burden on the personnel department.
  • Linking HR Software data to external data sources such as Linkin.

Direction of HR development from SME Thailand